Which Home Center is For Me?
Fibaro offers a choice between two controllers, the Home Center Lite and the Home Center 2.
The comparison chart below shows the differences between the Fibaro Home Center Lite and the Home Center 2.
Physical matters:

Home Center Lite Home Center 2
Dimensions (mm) 90 x 90 x 33 225 x 185 x 44
Finish Plastic Brushed Aluminium
Weight (grams) 485 1000



Processor ARM Corex A8 720MHz Intel Atom Dual Core 1.6GHz
Ethernet Yes Yes
Power 12v DC 12v DC



Magic Scenes Red-Tick 250px-Green-Tick.svg
Graphics Blocks 250px-Green-Tick.svg 250px-Green-Tick.svg
Lua Coding Red-Tick 250px-Green-Tick.svg
Virtual Devices (IP Strings) 250px-Green-Tick.svg 250px-Green-Tick.svg
Virtual Devices (Lua) Red-Tick 250px-Green-Tick.svg
Voice Commands Red-Tick 250px-Green-Tick.svg
VoIP Red-Tick 250px-Green-Tick.svg
Master Gateway Red-Tick 250px-Green-Tick.svg
The Home Center Lite is a very small yet powerful controller, capable of looking after many homes and businesses.

The Home Center 2 has the same interface and user experience as the Home Center Lite, but due to the above differences the Home Center 2 gives you increased flexibility and a lot more automation possibilities.