Unboxing & Basic Setup

The very first thing you need to do with your Fibaro System is set up the Home Center. This guide will detail all of the steps necessary to get it connected and some basic settings configured.


What’s in the Box?


      1. Home Center Unit
      2. Power Supply
      3. Ethernet Cable
      4. Warranty Information


Getting everything connected


        1. Remove all packaging
        2. Using a small screwdriver, remove the panel on the left hand side of the Home Center 2
        3. Connect the power supply
        4. Connect the Ethernet cable to your Router, Modem or Switch
        5. Replace the side cover
Inside the case of the Home Center 2, you may notice there is a USB Stick connected. This is used for storing system backups, and should not be removed. Do not try and boot the Home Center without this, as it may cause a system failure.

Booting the Home Center


    • When powered, the Home Center should begin booting. If this doesn’t happen, press the power button on the rear of the unit once. The lights on the front should begin to flash.

Logging in to the Home Center


    • Once booted, you’ll need a computer. Make sure it is connected to the same network as your Home Center.
    • Download and Install the Fibaro Finder Application:
    • Launch the Fibaro Finder Application and press the “Refresh” button to search for any available Home Centers on your network.
    • Select the Home Center you wish to connect to (in this case, we only have one on our network) and Click “Connect”

Fibaro Finder Screenshot

    • This will launch your default Web Browser and take you to the Login Screen.
    • The default Login Information is:
        • username – admin
        • password – admin


Login Screen Screenshot

First Login Screenshot
TIP: Bookmark this page in your Web Browser for quick access later.
That’s it! Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step in setting up your Connected Home.